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Michael Lorentz

“My first safari into this region felt like stepping in front of the camera of a National Geographic documentary”

Michael Lorentz  The three things in life I’m most passionate about are my family, Africa and guiding!  From an early age I knew that my happiness in life would lie in the playgrounds of the African Wilderness.  I was fortunate enough to train under the legendary tracker, Jack Matabula and my safari and guiding career went from there.  I now steer the Passage to Africa ship however still personally conduct guided safaris throughout Southern, East and Central Africa.  I am humbled and proud to have had my photography featured in several publications, as well as at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.

On my return from Ethiopia last year I was hugely moved and felt compelled to take people back there. This is a place that challenges and changes the traveller like nowhere else.  In the words of the Forbes journalist, David Hochman, who joined us,  “The Omo Valley forces you to face up to the otherness of traditions that are ancient, unsettling and extreme.  And to contemplate what it may mean to lose them.”

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Ethiopia is the Cultural Crossroads of Africa…. the message is simple – travel now to the Omo River – or never.

Steve Turner  I was born in the wilds of East Africa and have been setting off on adventures since my teens.  My upbringing fostered a very special interest in not only natural history, but also the communities who live within these rich environments.  My passion for wildlife and nature has taken me and my guests throughout the African continent, and as far afield as Australia, Asia, The Amazon, The Arctic and The Antartica.  One of my proudest moments was receiving  an award from The Roger Peterson Institute for my indepth photography of the endangered Mountain Gorillias of Rwanda.

In the main my expeditions to Ethiopia are one-offs – they are exclusive and inventive.  We rely on our special contacts with tribal groups or wildlife conservation organisations to gain access and insight into these marvels.  Join me in Ethiopia for the most unique cultural expedition left in the world today that unfortunately is disappearing fast.  It’s unlikely that these cultures will survive this decade of westernisation.

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