Dassenech Tribe

The Omo Delta is the home of the Dassenechs, an Omotic tribe with their own unique language. Dassanech men raise cattle, around which many social systems are built, and women grow grain on the banks of River Kibish and River Omo.

The Omo river serves as a resource of drinking water as well as for the cultivation of fields along its shore. The Dassanech build their houses from alang branches, using leather and iron sheets as cover. Close to the houses one finds high sturdy platforms as sorghum stores, keeping the grain off the ground, protecting it from mice and rats.

The men share the tidy colorful and tightly wound mud hairstyle akin to Kenya’s neighboring Turkana . Many of the Dassenechmen are scarified depicting the numbers of enemy killed in battle. This creates enormous prestige within the tribe.

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