07 Sept            Addis Ababa

Arrive Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Private transfer from Bole Airport to Sheraton Addis Ababa.

Sheraton Addis Ababa for three nights on a bed and breakfast basis

08 Sept             Addis Ababa

Full day in Addis. Sightseeing is available should time permit.

We start the day by driving north up to Mount Entoto. In 1881 Emperor Menelik II made his permanent camp there, after the remains of an old town (believed to have been the capital of 16th century monarch Lebna Dengel) were discovered, which Menelik took as a divine and auspicious sign. Addis Ababa, at between 2,300 – 2,500 metres is the third highest capital in the world and Entoto is a few hundred metres higher – driving up the hill there is an appreciable drop in temperature and the air is filled with the scent of the eucalyptus trees which line the road. From the top, there is a panoramic view of the capital and surrounding  countryside. The city’s major landmarks will be pointed out. Entoto is an important watershed; to the north, water flows to the Blue Nile and the Mediterranean Sea, to the south, to the Awash River and on to Djibouti.

Two important structures remain within the old imperial compound on Entoto, the churches of Mariam and the Archangel Raguel. It was in the church of Mariam that Menelik was crowned Emperor of Ethiopia in 1889, and in the small museum in the compound there are various clothes, court and household implements and weapons dating from the period.  Leaving the churches we descend to Addis Ababa, stopping off at the National Archaeological Museum. Here visitors can see exhibits ranging from the 3.5 million-year-old bones of Lucy, from the Axumite and Gondarene periods through to the period of the monarchs Tewodros and Menelik II.

09 Sept             Addis Ababa  – Lalibela

Transfer from Sheraton Addis Ababa to Bole Airport

Private charter flight from Addis Ababa to Lalibela (2 hours)

Met on arrival at the Lalibela Airport and transfer by road up the mountainside to the Lalibela town centre (40 minutes)

At the end of the 12th and beginning of the 13th centuries King Lalibela of the Zaghwe dynasty built a series of rock hewn churches – the New Jerusalem as he called it – now rightly  acknowledged to be one of the wonders of the world. There are eleven churches in the town named after him, with others in the surrounding countryside.  All are still in use today.  (The churches are divided into two groups, the division being the River Yordanos or River Jordan.) It is estimated that the churches took twenty-five years to construct – for the Kingdom based on Roha (later renamed Lalibela) to have kept a large work force engaged in economically unproductive labour for such a long period means that it disposed of a large economic surplus and was very wealthy. The area then was clearly fertile and agriculturally productive, whereas now deforestation and  population pressures on the land have reduced its productivity.

Lalibela Mountain View Hotel for one night on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis

10 Sept                         Lalibela – Addis Ababa

After a morning of activities and lunch, transfer down the mountainside to Lalibela Airport

Private charter flight from Lalibela to Addis Ababa (2 hours)

Transfer from Bole Airport to Sheraton Addis Ababa

Sheraton Addis Ababa for one night on a bed and breakfast basis

11 Sept             Addis Ababa – Omo River Valley

Transfer from Sheraton Addis Ababa to Bole Airport

Private charter flight from Addis Ababa to Murelle in the Omo River Valley (2 hours)

Road transfer to the Kara Settlement and Omo River Valley Fly Camp

Omo River Valley Fly Camp for four nights on a full board basis

12 – 14 Sept             Omo River Valley

Full days exploring the banks of the Omo River, visiting nearby Kara (or Karo), Suri and Nyangatom (or Bume) villages. The Omo is nothing less than the last great tribal land left in the world today, a real kaleidoscope of vanishing cultures.

15 Sept             Omo River Valley – Turmi and the Buska Mountains

Half Day transfer along difficult roads from the Omo River to the edge of the Buska Mountains and the market town of Turmi. We will stop en-route to visit nearby Hamar settlements.

Buska Lodge for two nights on a fully inclusive basis

 16 Sept        Turmi and the Buska Mountains

Full day in the market town of Turmi, visiting nearby Hamar & Dassenech villages

17 Sept         Turmi and the Buska Mountains – Addis Ababa

Road transfer from Turmi  to the Suri Airstrip at Tulgit (1 hour)

Final tribal visit with the Suri

Private charter flight from Tulgit to Addis Ababa

Road transfer from Bole Airport to Sheraton Addis Ababa

Day Rooms at Sheraton Addis Ababa

Transfer from Sheraton Addis Ababa to Bole Airport in time to connect with your outbound flight

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